I am a graphic designer residing near Winston-Salem, NC. I received my BFA degree in Graphic Design from UNC-Greensboro in May 2010. For a time I worked for UNCG's Division of Continual Learning designing websites for online courses, building interactive learning objects, designed for UNCG's online print ad campaign, made 3D objects for commercials and course material, and amoung other things. But I had the privilege to work with an award-winning team of designers and videographers. Lately I've been doing freelance work creating and redesigning logos, making promotional material for a grand opening, restoring old and destroyed photographs, creating images for educational purposes, interior design and products for local charities. I am also now currently a member of AIGA | the professional association for design.

I always loved working and playing as an artist since childhood. Honing my skills in design has given me a multimedia outlet to best suit my needs as an artist. But I'm not limited to working with a computer when it comes to expressing my capabilities as a creative.

I enjoy many things but my greatest joy is 3D modeling and animation. I live to be able to do projects like these because there is a special kind of joy and passion behind it. Ever since Pixar presented their first major animation in 1995, I was inspired to pursuit a career which would allow me to imagine and explore the 3D world.

Beyond manipulating pixels and keyframes, I enjoy motion graphics, stop motion, animated movies, art, drawing, clay modeling, photography, archery, gardening, reading, video gaming, and service projects.

Here are some links to other artists who have inspired me:

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